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Fund Your Dreams (The $1 club) is a subsidiary of Mummytwinz Solutions located in Lagos. Other subsidiaries include Mummytwinz Cooperative, Mummytwinz Telecoms, Mummytwinz Contribution/Thrift, Mummytwinz Foodstuff Mart and POS Mart.

Fund your dreams is a platform that can give you N20million ($20,160) in 5 easy levels.

  • You can use your earnings to achieve any of your personal projects like pay school fees, buy a car, build your own house, start your own business etc.
  • All you have to do is to get just 2 downlines who will pay N1000 ($1)  to you (this is a one-time out of pocket payment). 
  • Your downlines also get their 2 downlines each and you build your network gradually this way.
  • It’s your network that will keep upgrading to you till you complete level 5 and earn a whooping N20million ($20,160) .

How it Works ?

1. Make your payment of N1000 ($1) only for your ebook to the account below

ACCOUNT NAME: Mummytwinz Mart
ACCOUNT NUMBER: 4600204012.


2. Send a screenshot of your payment to +2349037766332 to get your registration pin. You can also send an sms to +2349037766332

3. Click the ‘create account’ button on the website, fill your details to register. And your account will be approved.

4. Log into your dashboard to download the ebook you paid for ‘How to start any business without a dime from your pocket’

5. Copy your referral link on your dashboard to start inviting others to join your network and earn up to N20M ($20,160) in 5 simple levels

Our Compensation Plan

Step 1: Two people pay you N1000 ($1) each =N2,000 ($2) , upgrade to level 2 with N2,000 ($2). No profit

Step 2: Four people pay you N2,000 ($2) each =N8,000 ($8), upgrade to level 3 with N7,000 ($7). N1000 ($1) profit

Step 3: 8 people pay you N7,000 ($7) each = N56,000 ($56), upgrade to level 4 with N50,000 ($50). N6,000 ($6) profit

Step 4: 16 people pay you N50,000 ($50) each = N800,000 ($800), upgrade to level 5 with N630,000 ($630). N170,000($170) profit.

Step5: 32 people pay you N630,000 ($630) each = N20,160,000 ($20160) profit. No more upgrades

Fund Your Dreams

Join thousands of others who are using our platform to gain financial freedom 


Pay N1000 ($1) Once

One-time out of pocket payment of N1000 ($1) only which gives you access to our hot-selling ebook.

Enjoy Spillover

You enjoy spillover from your uplines

Multiple accounts registration

You can have more than one account on our platform.

Ebook Download

As soon as you register, you can download our ebook from your dashboard. The ebook title is ‘How to start a business without a dime from your pocket’.

Minimum withdrawal is N1000 ($1)

Our Minimum withdrawal is N1000($1)

Compulsory earning on all levels

We have put in place a system that requires compulsory upgrade at each level, so you are sure to get your earning for each level up to level 5 where you earn over N20M ($20,160).

Fund Your Dream!

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, Mummytwinz Solutions is registered with SMEDAN. See our certificate below

Our office is at Ketu Lagos

You start earning immediately you get your first downline.

No, once your 2 direct downlines are complete, all you need to do is guide them to build their teams too.

You can have multiple accounts on our platform.

Yes, anyone can register.

We have put in place a system that requires compulsory upgrade at each level, so you are sure to get your earning for each level up to level 5 where you earn over N20M.

Email us at hello@fund-yourdreams.com or call +2349037766332

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